Our Sustainable Commitment
Our commitment to sustainability is reflected by these policies:

  • We give each of our clients a  FREE upgrade to warm-white LED light bulbs for any lighting job we install. This has the following benefits for a project with 20 lighting fixtures over 10 years:
       a) Your electrical bill goes down 85% for an estimated savings of $450.00
       b) Rather than replacing bulbs every year, your bulbs will only need to be replaced every                    10 years, saving between $1,000. and $3,000.
       c) Lower power needs means smaller wire and transformers, which benefit the                                     environment.

  • By carpooling to the job 90% of the time, we help your neighborhood parking situation and save gas.

  • Our design process is organized around the principle that mistakes in design are cheaper for the environment and your wallet than mistakes in the installation process. By creating a thorough design process we reduce change-orders and waste significantly.

  • By giving our full attention to one job at a time until complete it reduces miles spent by the foreman driving back and forth between multiple jobs by 30%.

  • We recommend low-maintenance, hardy plants to minimize chemical dependency.

  • We use organic fertilizers and amend soil with chicken compost to reduce the need for fossil-fuel based fertilizer.

  • We have developed a dry-stack wall-building technique with local field-stone that  is similar to the price of wood, adds more property value and (unlike wood) does not need to ever be replaced.

  • All the irrigation timers we install are capable of integrating with an on-site weather station that lowers water use and maintenance. We can also install the integrated weather station.

  • Perhaps the most important skill we bring is the ability to imagine many different possibilities and come up with a design that requires the least amount of change needed to achieve your goals.

  • Where possible, we buy organic vegetable starts and other plants.

  • By offering integrated Design and Installation, we reduce the numbers of meetings needed to bring a job from start to finish the way you want it. This means lower miles driven per job, reducing green-house gas emmissions.
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