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The best time to plant is in low light in the rainy season. This is more important when transplanting large plants than it is planting plants from pots. However, the time of year has such minimal impact that I would never let this stop you from planting anything any time you want to get the work done. If you are moving a ten foot tall tree, just know that it will have a 20% higher survival rate if it’s moved in a November rain rather than a July hot-spell and you will have to work harder to simulate the rainy season with daily drenching’s if you move it in July.

When storing plants prior to planting it is best to mass them together and minimize the direct sun exposure on the black pots. They will need to be watered daily if they are in full sun.

If you are planting in a dry month you will need to water all new plantings, including drought-tolerant plants every day for at least a month as they establish their roots. Because hand watering for a month can take more time than planting and because a lack of adequate water is the cause of 95% of all appropriately chosen plant casualties, I prefer to set up my irrigation infrastructure before planting so that all I have to do is add a dripper to each new plant the same day I put the plant in the ground. This allows the watering to be automatic from day one. However, in a dry month I will still water each plant thoroughly by hand right after planting to help compensate for the high-stress of being planted and because drip irrigation will not saturate the soil the way an overhead spray from a hose will.

This text is an excerpt from:
Successfully Landscaping Your Marin Home,
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By: Dane E. Rose

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